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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dear Roger: Reading Aloud After Dark

So, in the midst of moving my blog over to Wordpress  http://jenniferdscroggins.wordpress.com and trying to get things sorted out for exploring new ways to promote my writing, it was suggested that I read aloud from my book to give folks a bit of an idea what the story is like a little further on in.
My kids laughed their butts off over the chapter I read because they remember it as it  happened.
The chapter I read from is from the second part of the book and its after the characters have grown and have kids of their own and set out to return where to where things started in Texas.
A few people have commented that they would love to see my little book brought to life in other ways, and while I don't have the resources for that at the moment, my little girl is creative as all get out and who knows what she will be capable of some day, and eventually it will be hers anyway, so if she wants to, or if she wants to just let it quietly vanish into the family history,one never knows what the future holds.
I don't know how much longer I will post here. I'm a creature of habit and it often takes me awhile to get used to something new, if I ever do, so bear with me if I show up sporadically in both places, and if you haven't checked out my authors page on Facebook,(https://www.facebook.com/JenniferDScroggins) please do, I will be posting news about up coming new books and other things related to my writing as well as trying to link together all the Indie Artists and writers out there in our little world so we can pool our resources and help each other along, because that is what its all about, giving everyone a hand up and spreading the "Effect".

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